The instinct of the iron... Booze in the scrap, the lock in medallion, Jean-Marc Martinez, artist steelworker maintains a constant duality between a constructivist avant-garde and a classicism in which our eyes perceive between the lines pages forgotten by an outmoded novel.

The universe of the artist is populated with ladies with hat, often pretty, never vulgar, being next to very proud men in three-piece suit!

Jean-Marc Martinez sculptures, welds, unsolders, as others go to confession.

These anatomical and totemic sculptures, among which the sensitive touch and the freshness of spirit delight the eye, are intimate testimonies of big sensitive one nostalgic of orange trees in flowers. Often, the composition is dense, without being however saturated. Sometimes, in the secret, the element wood lives with the metal, but no sketch, no preparatory approach. The hand guides the spirit and not the opposite and explodes a set of a soothing harmony.

Jean Marc " knows how to make ", it is a craftsman of the iron, him " dare to make " it is an artist to follow. Abstract or representational, folded and twisted, his(her,its) compositions enchant this disillusioned world. But the man is anxious, no need to hide him for our biggest happiness, behind every artist there is a woman; let us pledge that he does not forget that his story began during a candlelit dinner and that this one is welded for all eternity with the imprint of a flower.

LEBERLOA "Visual artist"