I always felt an attraction for the art, and quite particularly for the material metal. This passion came to me very certainly because my father held a company of locksmithery-ironworks Sidi-bel-Abbès, in Algeria, where I was born in 1962.

My passion increased. But it is only at the age of thirty that I dared her(it) share. The metal inspires me, I look at it, shape it, caress, draw its outlines in the course of my thoughts. I can spend hours to embody him so that you can, through him, feel all the passion which I have to transmit for this material which lives by means of my works.

Here is the reason why I invite you to join me on my site and to admire my gallery of photos.

To admire, why not, it will depend on tastes of each, but is not it a little bit presumptuous, all the same?